COVID-19 in Patients with Oncohematological Diseases

AA Danilenko, SV Shakhtarina, NA Falaleeva

AF Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Centre, branch of the NMRC of Radiology, 4 Koroleva str., Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russian Federation, 249036

For correspondence: Anatolii Aleksandrovich Danilenko, MD, PhD, 4 Koroleva str., Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russian Federation, 249036; Tel.: +7(909)250-18-10; e-mail:

For citation: Danilenko AA, Shakhtarina SV, Falaleeva NA. COVID-19 in Patients with Oncohematological Diseases. Clinical oncohematology. 2021;14(2):220–4. (In Russ).

DOI: 10.21320/2500-2139-2021-14-2-220-224


After initially appearing in Wuhan (China), the COVID-19 epidemic rapidly escalated to pandemic level. Due to its high mortality COVID-19 belongs to the group of the most dangerous viral infectious diseases of today. While elderly people are at greatest risk of death, some comorbidities, including also malignant tumors, considerably worsen the course of COVID-19. In view of inherent immunodeficiency exacerbated by immunosuppressive chemotherapy, oncohematological diseases most greatly affect the course of COVID-19. The review presents few published data on coronavirus disease affecting the prognosis of hematopoietic and lymphoid tumors. In addition, the control of mortality risk in these patients is discussed.

Keywords: SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, hematological diseases, mortality rate.

Received: October 13, 2020

Accepted: February 15, 2021

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