Acute Myeloid Leukemia as Second Tumor in a Patient with Burkitt’s Lymphoma: Literature Review and a Case Report

TT Valiev1, TYu Pavlova1, AM Kovrigina2, IN Serebryakova1

1 NN Blokhin National Medical Cancer Research Center, 24 Kashirskoye sh., Moscow, Russian Federation, 115478

2 National Research Center for Hematology, 4 Novyi Zykovskii pr-d, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125167

For correspondence: Timur Teimurazovich Valiev, MD, PhD, 24 Kashirskoye sh., Moscow, Russian Federation, 115478; e-mail:

For citation: Valiev TT, Pavlova TYu, Kovrigina AM, Serebryakova IN. Acute Myeloid Leukemia as Second Tumor in a Patient with Burkitt’s Lymphoma: Literature Review and a Case Report. Clinical oncohematology. 2021;14(2):167–72. (In Russ).

DOI: 10.21320/2500-2139-2021-14-2-167-172


The application of highly effective tumor treatment protocols in children and increasing number of patients healed resulted in a growing focus on long-term effects of chemotherapy. One of the most dangerous complications of a first malignant neoplasm (MN) is the development of second MNs. Cytostatic drugs of the epipodophyllotoxin group and alkylating agents contribute to secondary acute myeloid leukemias (AML), the rare and prognostically very unfavorable second MNs. The present article provides a review of literature on risks of secondary hematological MNs associated with the therapy of first tumors. It also contains a case report of successful treatment of AML which occurred after Burkitt’s lymphoma therapy.

Keywords: second malignant neoplasms, acute myeloid leukemias, Burkitt’s lymphoma, children.

Received: December 10, 2020

Accepted: March 1, 2021

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